What Are The Differences Between Aluminium Conservatories & UPVC?

For many years now, most homeowners when looking for a new conservatory believe they only have one option: UPVC. UPVC has dominated the market over the last few decades and has become the obvious go-to extension. However, Aluminium built conservatories are becoming a popular choice in the UK and for good reason. Now comes the dilemma: do I go for a UPVC conservatory or do I opt for an aluminium one? Well at Berkshire conservatories, we know a thing or two about the market and have had forty years of experience building and installing conservatories. We have put together this blog to help you better understand the differences between them both and hopefully help you make a decision on which is best for you.

  1. When it comes to cost an aluminium conservatory can come out a little ahead of the UPVC. But the overall quality of the aluminium more than makes up for the extra price tag. This is also great to take into consideration when maintenance is involved, aluminium conservatories require little to no maintenance. Ensure that whatever you pay for means that your new conservatory will be in fantastic shape for years to come.

  1. An aluminium conservatory does hold the advantage of being built with slender frames. This means that you could have a conservatory with large volumes of glass, which will fill your conservatory full of natural light. When it comes to UPVC or aluminium conservatories you won’t have to worry about the finish, they are both weatherproofed materials and able to handle the worst of the UK weather.

  1. UPVC is very strong, but aluminium is a structural product in itself and therefore aluminium conservatories are even stronger! This becomes a massive advantage when installed onto an open property where high winds can be a problem. In the winter months, people often avoid conservatories due to the cold. UPVC and aluminium conservatories offer excellent U-values and energy ratings.

At Berkshire Conservatories we design and install bespoke aluminium conservatories manufactured to perfectly compliment our client's homes. There are various aluminium design options available for our clients to choose from. Our aluminium conservatories can feature a low maintenance roofing system. We have also constructed traditional aluminium conservatories with lead roofs and have experience in building aluminium conservatories in conservation areas.

At Berkshire Conservatories we have a true passion which is, of course, conservatories. The incredible designs and beautiful architecture of the spaces have always drawn us in. We hope that you will consider contacting us for any conservatory projects you have coming up in the future! You can leave us a message through the site, and we will get back to you as soon as we can!

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