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Here at Berkshire Conservatories, we take pride in our work. With over forty years of experience in windows, doors, and conservatories, we are excited to offer our services to the general public. Being in the building trade for so long has given us a lot of diversity of skill as each project requires different combinations of tasks. From full housing development projects to simple window installations, we have done it all, and we can’t wait to work with you!

Although we love working on almost any project, conservatories are our true passion. The incredible designs and beautiful architecture of the spaces have always drawn us in. This is why we started Berkshire Conservatories.

We wanted to create a company that is excited to create any type of conservatory while maintaining a fun and friendly attitude.

We hope that you will consider contacting us for any conservatory projects you have coming up in the future! You can leave us a message through the site, and we will get back to you as soon as we can!



We offer a very wide range of services! From swimming pool enclosures  to extensions, we can provide almost any construction services you could ask for. With forty years of experience,

we are totally prepared to handle any project!

All that being said, we love conservatories. This is what we specialize in and what we have devoted our lives to. Conservatories are unlike any other construction type as they allow natural light to fill the space completely organically.

We love a good old fashioned conservatory based in gorgeous simplicity, but we are always up for a challenge. We work hard to make sure ever customer is absolutely satisfied, so bring us any picture and we will do our best to recreate it! Let us know how we can make your conservatory plans a reality!

We combine affordability and quality:

We work with your timeline and your budget.

At the beginning of each consultation, we make it a point to talk about your project guidelines. We offer a wide range of modular conservatories that can accommodate almost any budget and any timeline.

An especially attractive offer for those who have monetary or logistical limitations are simulation brick builds. They provide the same beauty and elegance at about half the price of traditional brick builds. Additionally, we can usually turn around a project in 2-3 days!

Please contact us with any questions you may have about budgets or timelines. Our consultants are more than happy to speak with you, and we offer free design and project estimations, so call us today!


Windows & doors

Installing windows and doors comes as second nature to us. With our construction experience, we have installed thousands of windows and thousands of doors. From easy projects to difficult conundrums, we can help you install all the windows and doors you want!

Ultraframe orangery


Orangeries are beautiful it is an extension of a home, adding value and increasing the available space, while offering an alternative place to rest and relax, dine with friends or just enjoy the views of the garden so contact us today for a free consultation!



Who doesn’t love a great porch? Sitting outside with the breeze while watching a sunset is the exact reason porches were made. If you are looking to add one to your house, give us a call! We will get started right away!


Garden rooms

Every garden room is different according to the client’s requirements, but traditionally, they are indoor rooms designed to allow the resident to enjoy the outdoors without exposure to harsh elements. With lots of windows and light, these are perfect additions for people who love the outdoors from a distance!

Greenhouse Conservatory 2.jpg

Garden office/studio

For the work from home types who also love the outdoors, a garden office/ studio can be the perfect mix. We can create a space that you will love to work in, design in, and thrive in!

summer house.jpg

Summer house

Summer houses are amazing vacation spots but finding the perfect one can be such a hassle. Let us take that burden off your plate by building you one! We can include everything you need to make it the perfect relazation location



Sometimes your house just isn’t big enough. Whether your expecting another kid, you need some extra space for some extra work, or whatever that case may be, adding on to your home can be a very intimidating process, so let us help you out! Contact us today!


One of the unique services that Berkshire Conservatories offers is free consults and design meetings. When you contact us,

we will schedule a time to talk about the requirements of your project and the details of what you want. We will then create a customized plan outline for you, free of charge!

This is why we encourage each and every person interested in any of our construction services to get in touch with us! We will get to know your project, let you know what we think, and create a great plan that fits into your timeline, your budget, and your vision!

Fill out the form below, and we will get back to you as soon as we can!

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